Who we are

Royal Events has been initiated with an idea of revolutionizing the way the event management companies operate. We believe, that no matter what the size or purpose of the event is, if it is worth organizing, it’s worth to be nothing less than perfection.

And with that very basic concept in our minds, Royal Events was formed with three individuals who share the similar vibes when it came to delivering the idea.

From personal, corporates to socially relevant events, we put our client’s interests at the forefront which gives us an ample understanding of how we are supposed to cater to the needs. Our end to end solution extend not only to the basic services but along with it, we enhance your experience by providing the technical and marketing support as well. Our priorities are set on fulfilling the client’s expectations by garnering the maximum benefits in delivering the experience along with being cost-effective.

We believe that any event is more than just about the execution on the D-day, it’s the whole journey that counts. It is rather the necessity than an advantage to pay attention to the minute details when it comes to curating an event.

With our outstandingly talented team of artists in the field of event management, and our dedicated members, we deliver you the events that are exceptionally well crafted and executed to give you the experience that you look forward to.

1. Innovative Creativity:

When it comes to the creative aspects of bringing an idea into the floor, our team of creative team will make sure that the event is innovative and at par with global standards.

2. Productive ROI:

We, at Royal Events make sure that you get the return of your Investment that has been put into the event. We understand the value of your finances and efforts and will take all the necessary steps and give due attention in order for you to reap the maximum benefit.

3. Extended hand for Marketing Team:

When organizing any event, we understand there are a lot of segments involved, especially the marketing team, in order to reach out to the targeted clients. Royal Events will ensure that your work is carried out as smoothly as possible through our extended support towards the marketing of the event.

4. Time-bound quality result:

When it comes to a well thought out executed events, time management is extremely important and we make sure that you get the desired outcome at every step within the allocated time frame.

5. Customized Tech Solution:

We provide an overall solution to all your event needs. Being associated with us will give you the complete liberty to not only deal with the physical and material aspects of the event, but will also providing you with customized tech solutions as per the need of the situation.

Our Team

Avinash Kumar Jha

Managing Director

An entrepreneur and a visionary with dedication, passion and above all a drive to succeed has enabled me to successfully run my business for almost 10 years now. Every successful year completed in the business world gives even more enthusiasm to work harder.

Having been working in the area of Travel services with my company Royal India Vacation Pvt.Ltd. and being co-partner of Royal Event, an event management company has allowed me to provide services to reputed brands and companies to multiple service providers. From Govt Event ,wedding, corporate events to many social activities, I have been a part of it all. It gives me immense pride in knowing that I along with my team are able to bring joy in people's life. I aim to bring forth our services to all organisations in a humble manner.

Srikant Samal


A proactive individual who likes to keep my stride with the changing times and growth is one of the foremost aspect of my vision. With an experience of almost 2 decades in the world of Event Management, my entrepreneurship skills extend to strategy, marketing, communication to all aspects of event management.

Having successfully organised and executed numerous events of all sorts for thousands of brands from national to global, it always stimulates me to adapt to the changing ethos in a way which suits the drive in a very precise manner. My new venture Royal Event runs on the same notion of redefining the world of event management in terms of service and performances.I believe that any work whether minor or vast, when done with complete dedication and passion always results in something great and this perception of mine has led me into being in the position I am in.

So are you ready to get on board to experience the most thrilling ride ever?

We don’t just curate your events; we are here to exceed every event’s expectations that is at par with your taste, budget and concept.